Friday, 18 October 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!

It's coming up to half term, so I've been all caught up in college work. I've got a couple of things to share with you today, though!

Firstly, some vintage items that have been gifted to me over the past couple of weeks! A 'War of the Worlds' record from my nan, and an old videocamera my dad bought for me at a charity shop. It still had some film in it! I wish I had a means to play the record, but if I ever get the chance to listen to it I will.

Secondly, I remembered the big kimono silk bundle I picked up in Takayama, and I've had a couple of ideas for things to make with it. They'll be going on my etsy when it's up and running, so watch this space!

Hopefully the first of my Japan Tour posts will be up next week. I'm very excited to share that with you! It was such an amazing trip.

Have a great weekend!

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