Tuesday, 26 November 2013

It seems as though I'm always running behind...

But then, perhaps I was getting ahead of myself? Until I get more used to blogging, I think I need to stop expecting great (and by that I mean to-a-tight-schedule) things from myself. I will start on my Japan Tour posts soon, though. I can't believe it's already been over three months since I came back!

The last few weeks have been quite the adventure. I've learnt a lot since I last posted:

  1. Crochet, at last! Granny square blanket here I come!
  2. A lot of make-up techniques at college, including old-age make-up and hair knotting for wigs. The motion is almost identical to crochet, so it was handy I'd started that granny square after all! 
  3. Many things about myself, through meeting someone else (for whom I finally used the sari-silk yarn I've been hoarding since the early summer, too).
  4. That my life is moving very, scarily, quickly, and I've got to find a better balance of my time if I'm to enjoy myself and succeed in...whatever it is I'm trying to do.
Apple-picking in the autumn air:
one of those stop-and-breathe moments.
Right now, I'm awfully excited for Christmas, no matter how far behind I am on making gifts. I can spread the festive cheer through January, right? ;) With the winter we've been forecast this year, I'm sure a little extension of the warmth and goodwill would be appreciated.
How are you all enjoying your respective changes in the weather? Looking forward to any special days this winter?
-Shaun x

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