Friday, 31 May 2013

Thrifty Friday?

I should never be allowed into charity shops. I will end up buying bagfuls of stuff, adding to my crafty tool-set and excitedly stocking up that Home of My Own looming in the distant future. Sometimes I feel a little silly for that, but hopefully it'll all work out in my favour in the end. And if not, it was only a few pounds, right? Hehe!

As I go on little charity shop raids pretty regularly, I thought it might be nice to have a weekly feature of the cute and interesting things I pick up. 

This week's a bit of a bumper-issue. After a quick jaunt to my local RSPCA last week, I went to visit relatives and ended up on an expedition to the many charity shops in Chichester. (I may have fallen desperately in love with their Cath Kidston store that day. Those fabrics!) So here's some photos of all I acquired this last week. The background for most of these is one of the gorgeous yellow gingham curtains I picked up for £5 - they're huge, and perfect for the patchwork quilt I'll be starting in the summer!

More photos below the cut!

After talking to my nan about tapestry frames, I found one in the same place where I found my first embroidery hoops. After talking to my nan about them. Spooky. ;)

This Star Trek bag was just too cool, I had to have it. I adore the recent reboot movies and watched Enterprise quite avidly with my dad. Hopefully I'll get to watch more of the other series's  in the future...

This book is full of articles, cartoons and adverts from 1850 to 1920, regarding women's fashion in those periods. Looks like a great reference (and there's some pretty funny stuff in there, too).

I really like the author so I'm glad I found this book! And it looks so beat up, it's rather charming. Nothing like a well-loved book.

This is what I mean when I say I'm stocking up for my future home. Six of these lovely soup bowls for £2.99? Sold.

And then I bought four earthenware goblets, too. They go nicely with some jars my dad bought me as a gift recently. I'll post photos of them before they get packed away.

Finally! A mason jar of my own! 99p and now full of buttons.

These were from the local charity shop. Probably the quirkiest teapots I've ever seen - they also had one with puppies that looked like they were popping out of a pie. Slightly creepy.

The local sells some hand-knitted and crocheted blankets, too. I thought the colours on this one were really sweet, and since I can't crochet yet...

Last of all, this cute Scandi-inspired peg bag, only 50p! And soon it will be a cushion for the rescued old chair my dad's fixing up for me. He's awesome like that.

Whew! I think I'll make it a bit briefer in future. :P I'm looking forward to making more posts on this blog, but for the moment I'll just do what I can reasonably fit in. Until next time!

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